PGM Trio (2013)

PGM Trio (2013) — front cover

Eric Hopper designed and created the album cover for our debut PGM Trio record. The photo used for this cover belongs to an album of pictures that Eric shot in the vicinity of the San Juan Islands in Washington State. In addition to practicing still photography, Eric is an accomplished videographer, sound design artist, producer, and musician. Liminal Co is his production company, and is based in Seattle, WA.

We really feel excited to have Eric’s work represent our music and artistic ethos. With all of us growing up, in part, with the ECM label records of the 1970s, the look and aesthetic of his first draft immediately grabbed our enthusiasm. At a glance, those who happens across our album might feel an impression of a somewhat-minimalist and modern, no-frills but elegant presentation that rings of our personality and identifies the character of the region where we live and work.

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